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We had no expectations but to serve where duty called.
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We asked for no reward except a nation's thanks.
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Politically incorrect. We say Merry Christmas, God bless
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In God we trust.
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                                             Air Force Turns 71

The US Air Force was officially founded on 18 September 1947, and in the decades
since it has established itself as an air force second-to-none.   Yet the Air Force's
history and heritage goes back to the turn of the twentieth century.

Between 1909 -- when that the US military purchased its first aircraft -- and 1947, the
US Air Force did not exist as a separate and independent military service
organization.   It went through a series of designations: Aeronautical Section, Signal
Corps (1909); Aviation Section, Signal Corps (1914); United States Army Air Service
(1918); United States Army Air Corps (1926), and United States Army Air Forces

WWII illustrated the value of airpower, and the need to change the basic organization
of the US Military Forces.    The result was the creation of a single Department of
Defense with a strong Joint Chiefs of Staff with Army, Navy, and Air Force chiefs.      
In 1947 President Truman signed the National Security Act which established this
new defense organization, and along with it the creation of the US Air Force as an
independent service, equal to the US Army and US Navy.    The official birthday of
the US Air Force is 18 September 1947.

Join the Lake Minnetonka Post #5919, and the active USAF members (Stan Vikla,
Chuck Lindquist,
Dave Hanson, Cliff Laughlin) in saluting our country's Air Force.  


The USAF organization has always been dynamic and flexible, changing to meet new
requirements and conditions.   May the USAF continue to protect and control the
skies above the battlegrounds.   Hats off to all airmen and airwomen!