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"Not for themselves,
but for their country"
Out of many, one!
                                       America: Still the sleeping giant?

On what day in America were the most lies told?   The date the most lies were told in
America was Dec. 8, 1941.   On that date, the day after the Japanese attack on Pearl
Harbor, the young men of America dashed to join the military. All over America there
were lines snaking around the block, sometimes three or four times, around recruitment
centers for the Army, the Navy, the Marines and the Coast Guard. There was no
independent Air Force at the time. There was instead the Army Air Corps.

In order to enlist you had to be at least 18 years old.   So tens of thousands of young
men lied about their age to get into uniform.   They pretended to be 18, even though
they were really only 17.   Additional thousands of those young men were only 16.   A
book was written in the 1960s about one young American who succeeded in persuading
the recruiters he was 18, but turned out to be only 12!   He managed to get into the
Navy, and, in the midst of a ferocious shootout with the Japanese, an order was received
to throw that brave young sailor in the brig.  The publication of that book led to another
boy who had enlisted at only 11 years of age!    The trail ends there.

There was an organization formed to defend the interests of underage servicemen. They
had been denied all of their veterans’ benefits because, instead of being regarded as
precocious patriots, those young men who were not yet 18 were regarded as
Many thousands of those “
liars” lied with the help of their parents!

The point here is, the day after Pearl Harbor millions of Americans rushed to enlist.  
There was a huge spike in enlistments.    On the day after 9/11, however, there was a
huge spike in talking about enlisting, but almost no upward movement of the enlistment  
at all!
This worried America’s leaders, who had every reason to wonder if America was fit to
fight, mentally as well as physically.   The patriotism of 1941 has long since been
uprooted, ridiculed and replaced with Americans hating America just as many millions
around the world have long hated America.   Obviously, we haven’t hit bottom because
we have an
all-volunteer military that causes very little public worry as to whether or
not we have sufficient force for whatever challenges might arise.
Japanese Adm. Yamamoto knew the American people, and he warned his warmongering
superiors that America was a sleeping giant.   The Japanese high command looked upon
Americans as fun-loving.   Yamamoto knew that “molested” Americans could also be hard
fighters.   And the admiral learned that merely by attending Harvard!

So “Don’t Mess With America” spirit.  

The news of hurricane destruction fills the air now, but do not forget other destruction
we’ve endured.   Remember Korea.   Keep in mind, then it was called a “police action.”
Now we call it the “Korean War,” and we still have a threat from there.   This time it’s

And then today, Monday 9/11, the anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center
that killed more than 3,000+ Americans.   That was a blatant smack in our face by
militant Islam, which wanted to destroy us and our freedoms, and still does.   We are still
at war against them.   Is the average American aware of the magnitude of this enemy?   

When Sept. 11 occurred, Americans pulled together and patriotism reigned supreme.
But now, if you wave a flag, you’re called a Nazi.   Radical Islam has spread and become
stronger while Americans have become brainwashed into considering anyone who
speaks negatively against militant Muslims  as the enemy.   We are so cowed into being
“polite” that we are asking for our own execution.   

God help us.