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"Not for themselves,
but for their country"
Out of many, one!
                                   Vietnam War
      Misunderstood, Misreported, Misremembered!

“No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was
misreported then, and it is misremembered now.”  With the release of the
10-part PBS documentary
on the war, it is safe to say that the misreporting and mis-
remembering have only been compounded and exacerbated.   The documentary
definitely disturbed many Vietnam veterans.   This was a preplanned hatchet job.       
Film makers damned us, not only the veterans, but America as well, with faint praise.   
They use their journalistic tools of gathering token credibility bites from those on the
other side of their preordained narrative in an effort to appear objective.   Given a $30
million budget funded by PBS and other left wing foundations, they were able to locate
the one of 1,000 men who returned from the war to join Vietnam Veterans Against the
War (VVAW).
The GI's knew we could win the war and would at times declare that we should not fear
the enemy since they will only take our life.   Instead, we should fear the media because
they will steal our honor.   The documentary repeats Cronkites twisted version of Tet
despite the fact that it was one of the greatest military victories in the history of warfare.   
Yet it was portrayed as a defeat, thanks to the likes of Uncle Walter, who had his nose
up Ho Chi Minhs posterior.   
Vietnam in a nutshell matches in unselfishness anything vets ever fought for.   We were
simply trying to help people be free of Communism.   Vietnam veterans fought with valor
and humanitarianism never before seen in any war in our history.   They never even
mentioned that we were never defeated on any significant battlefield.   Yet they
mentioned only one of 260 Medals of Honor awarded.   What is remarkable is that 30
percent of the Medals of Honor earned in Vietnam, far more than any other war, were for
soldiers covering explosives with their bodies to save buddies.  Although one in 10 GIs
was wounded, less than 1 percent died, thanks to “Dustoff” choppers.   Your chances of
survival were greater if you were wounded on a battlefield in Vietnam than if you were in
a accident on a highway in USA.   How could any documentary of Vietnam omit
“Dustoff”?   The Vietnam veteran suffered physically as much as any veteran of the past
century.  But no other veteran has suffered the mental agony of the Vietnam vet.  We
were refused and abused when arriving in the states in uniform, some even spit upon.   
Spit on the spineless politicians and the yellow journalists, not the vet who does not
choose what war to fight.
Our defeat was at the hands of the elite in the halls of Congress, University classrooms,
and the liberal newsrooms, not the enemy.   What makes Vietnam so intolerable is what
the elite tried to do to dishonor the source of scars, to intensify the pain of Vietnam
veterans and destroy their unselfish and honorable legacy.   More than 90% of the
veterans are glad they served.   And so are 87% of the American people who saw
through the media distortion of their service.   The Burns/Cronkite babble that Vietnam
was a war we could not win is outrageous.   There is no such thing as “a war we cannot
if we decide to win.   It was the vets in Vietnam who slowed the onslaught of
Communism.   Communism is all but dead in Vietnam, they just don’t know what to do
with the corpse.   Humanitarianism and a roadblock to communism were our great
Next to the Vietnam Wall, we need a tiny yellow Kerry/Fonda
Wall of Shame listing those
who prominently blasphemed Vietnam vets.   And then add the names of every member
of Congress who voted in December 1974 to betray our allies and leave them to be
slaughtered by an enemy.   Also add LBJ, Rusk and McNamara for sending our bombing
plans to the enemy the day before that gave them advantage to shoot down our planes
and pilots.  That is treason!   That is war!